Sunday, January 16, 2011

The boys at the Mill

The Sugarmill is hosting a surfboard meet at the shop this Sat 22nd Jan, in which $20 commission of all 2nd boards sold on the day will be given directly to theQLD Flood Relief Appeal. So, if you have old boards you want to move, bring them down on the day and help support our fellow countrymen.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

simon says

Simon Perini is our mate, he has a beautiful talent (it's not every day you hear a man use the word beautiful to describe their mate, but you'll understand once you check out his photographs) so as "alas says"

It's time you met Simon

The Waxheads.

is Josh Simpson and Matty Chojnacki.

The Waxhead Diaries (trailer)

Alot of surf history has occured along Sydneys stretch of beaches and the landscape in general such as the concrete promenades, the buldings, roads and clifftop houses will be emphasised and not hidden by shots of pretty flowers. Josh and Matty will be filming a few of their favourite surfers for the series "The Waxhead Diaries" and will be showcasing the different lifestyles Sydney surfers live. All up coming webisodes can be found here.

Much Love A